Corporate Sustainability

A corporate sustainability video that introduces Rexam employees, stakeholders and public audiences to their sustainability policy. This whiteboard animation gives an engaging, informative and accessible explanation of the Rexam corporate sustainability policy.

As a scribing video, it allows serious issues to be addressed in a suitable manner and tone, whilst also allowing for fun drawings and characters to provide a warmth and humanity to the messages.

CASE STUDY (Animated Video): “Rexam Corporate Communications – Sustainability Matters”

The Client

Rexam is a global consumer packaging manufacturer – a classic business to business company. Rexam are a leading global beverage can maker and one of the global leaders in rigid plastic packaging for healthcare applications.

The Problem

Sustainability issues are among the top 10 global concerns for business and governmental leaders in the world today. It is vital that businesses conduct themselves in a sustainable way, and that they are seen as being sustainable. But communicating how sustainability works can often be very complex.

Rexam have chosen to be the best in their industry when it comes to sustainability, but this also means that they needed to find a way to communicate and educate their employees, stakeholders and customers on how sustainability really works and what it means for them.

Our Solution

People find that, when faced with lots of text and information, it can be confusing and difficult to remain engaged – especially on the internet! Video can be so much more effective at educating and enlightening an audience, whilst still holding their attention.

This is what Rexam needed. They already had an extensive Sustainability Report, which they were about to publish online. But it included lots of very detailed information that can’t be communicated quickly and could end up turning audiences away.

So, we created an engaging introductory video for Rexam, which allows audiences to familiarise themselves with the key issues first – like a fun executive summary. Because the video is engaging, it encourages audiences to delve deeper and visit Rexam’s online report.

When given the right kind of engaging introduction, more detailed topics – like sustainability – can be easier to digest for online audiences.

The Result

Our video for Rexam was not only placed on their sustainability website, but was used as a key tool for their stakeholder events, business to business communications and public relations. What’s more, we designed the video to communicate almost entirely through pictures alone – which meant that the video could be translated into 12 languages at a vastly reduced cost, and be used as a training tool for all 19,000 Rexam employees.
Rexam were so happy with the result, they came back to us for another video that could communicate their entire global vision across the organisation.

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