Energy Efficiency – What are E-Power Rebates?

A scribing video advert for PPL Electric Utilities explaining the benefits of their Energy Efficiency E-Power Rebates scheme. In this whiteboard animation, we learn about the Energy Efficiency E-Power Rebates scheme for small businesses that enables big cash savings through efficient products and reduced energy bills.

CASE STUDY (Animated Video): “Energy Efficiency – What are E-Power Rebates?”

The Client

PPL electric utilities is an energy company based in Pennsylvania, USA. It controls around 19,000 megawatts (MW) of electrical generating capacity in the United States – primarily in Pennsylvania and Montana – and delivers electricity to 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania, nearly a million in Kentucky, and 7.8 million in Great Britain.

The Problem

PPL needed to communicate it’s green, energy-saving E-Power rebate scheme to small, local businesses in Pennsylvania. The rebate scheme would allow small business owners to make great savings on new energy efficient equipment such as lighting, refrigeration and air conditioning. And, once installed, business owners stood to make even further savings on their reduced energy bills, due to the new efficient equipment.

Our Solution

We created a quick, fun TV advert that explained the key benefit of the scheme to businesses. The biggest pressures on small businesses always come down to costs – so we focused on the massive savings that real local businesses had already made by using PPL’s E-Power rebate scheme. This way, other business owners watching the ad could immediately relate and see just how great the offer was.

The Result

The TV ad had a great run, driving massive local area interest to PPL’s E-Power website. In fact, it was so successful, PPL asked us to draw their print campaign too!

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