What are USA Education Standards?

A Scribing video that explains the Education Standards in USA high schools. In this whiteboard animation, we explain the common core education standards in the USA and how they are designed to create better opportunities and brighter futures for all the children across all the states of America.

CASE STUDY (Animated Video): “What are Common Core State Standards?”

The Client

The Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) is a Non-Profit Organization that represents the needs of urban public schools. They monitor and assess the gaps in educational achievement for pupils in urban city schools, so that they can focus on making sure all students reach the highest academic standards.

The Problem

The Common Core State Standards were introduced to US high schools in 2012 as a new set of education standards across the whole country. The CGCS wanted to support and advocate these new standards and needed help in communicating the benefit these standards would have for pupils from urban schools.

There was a lot of controversy and conflicting opinion surrounding the new standards, and many of the explanations that existed were either too long or too complex to follow. Because of this, the CGCS needed a simple, engaging explanation that would clearly show the benefits to both parents and pupils affected by the new standards.

Our Solution

We created a fun and friendly video that was designed to be entertaining and informative. This meant the video could speak to both parents and pupils and be used by educational professionals as an effective communication tool.

We used a podium and staircase metaphor to clearly present the need for education standards and then explain how the standards would benefit pupils during their time at school and help them compete for better jobs after leaving.

Urban public schools have the most diverse student body and so we made sure to create a cast of characters that reflect this diversity in the video. We also made a Spanish language version so that the video could reach an even wider audience in the US.

The Result

Our video not only lives on our client’s website, but has become a tool for their entire network of teachers and staff in urban public schools to introduce and explain the Common Core State Standards to parents. The video has been viewed by over 300,000 people through our client’s Vimeo channel and YouTube channel, and has been seen countless more times in schools and on TV as broadcast Public Service Announcements in the United States of America.

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