What is Video Interactive Guidance?

A scribing video that explains Video Interactive Guidance (VIG), which we created as a communications tool for our client Kent Educational Psychology Service. This whiteboard animation explains the Video Interactive Guidance service for parents, school staff and professionals in a mature, sensitive and authoritative manner.

CASE STUDY (Animated Video): “What is Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)?”

The Client

Kent Educational Psychology Service (KEPS) is a department of Kent County Council that provides applied psychology services for Kent’s 0-19 year olds. They work with parents, teachers and professionals to improve outcomes and ensure the emotional well-being of children and young people.

The Problem

KEPS needed to promote their Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) service to parents, school staff and professionals.

It is a very successful intervention that can be used in a variety of situations, and can especially benefit parents of young children with behavioural difficulties or school staff where communication with children has broken down.

The problem is that the VIG service, while not especially complex, is difficult to explain and can be potentially confusing to communicate. It also deals with subtle aspects of investigating and guiding behaviour in a therapeutic setting, which can be overlooked or missed in some descriptions of the service. Also, the service requires that people be recorded on video and then asked to watch the video of themselves back. The idea of this can make people uncomfortable, and put them off using the service.

KEPS needed a way to help professionals, social workers and school staff to communicate the benefits of the service to parents, so that parents wouldn’t be put off and would be comfortable including their children in the service. KEPS also needed a tool to help introduce the service in a wider professional environment.

Another problem for KEPS in the development of a communication video was that they couldn’t use any real case studies due to the confidential nature of the service.

Our Solution

We created a very clear and simple video, which showed a typical case study of the service, using fictional characters and voice actors to fill the roles. The various stages of the service could then be shown clearly, allowing the benefits of the process to be made clear.

We used friendly illustrations in the video, but also were careful to use the appropriate tone, pace and narration, as the audience for the video would be parents and people who may be feeling distressed and would be in need of the service. The video also needed an authoritative and professional tone as it would also be used in communicating to a wider professional audience.

We focused our main, fictional case study on what our clients at KEPS felt was the most typical scenario of a mother and young child. However we were also careful to include a balance of characters throughout, to show all the typical groups who might use the service.

We address the use of video recording in the service as slightly embarrassing, but showed the clear benefits that outweigh the embarrassment and the success of the service in the case study.

The Result

KEPS has used the video as a successful communication tool in introducing parents and professionals the service. Additionally, the video has been so popular with the wider community of health professionals who use VIG that it has been requested to be syndicated as a communications tool for other psychology services.

Here’s what they had to say:

“The VIG video is on the KEPS website now and is getting rave reviews from people all around the UK and internationally who use VIG. Here are some examples:

“This is simply an incredible video. Very clear message about what VIG is, who can benefit and the process.”

“As others have already said it is very clear and original. The illustrations and voice overs are excellent. ”

“Felt the need to add to the chorus of praise! This really is fantastic and so clear and accessible. Congratulations”

– Source Ben Hayes, Senior Educational Psychologist at KEPS, KCC

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